Principal Message

Welcome to Bright Future Private School.

Dear Parents,

Bright Future Private School is an educational community centered on our students who play an integral role in their own education. The school’s vision ‘Enter to Learn’ embraces the challenges of academic improvement, responsibility, self-motivation, emotional awareness, and participation in a wide variety of activities. They will learn to work independently as well as part of a team and will be prepared to play their part in creating a bright future to benefit all of society and ‘Leave to Lead’. Bright Future has a vision for all students, ‘To be the best you can be’ and this is the essence of our work and what we strive for every day.  As a community of teachers, Teaching Assistants, Parents, and Children, we know that working together in strong partnership is the most effective way to support your children at Bright Future. I do believe that we can all succeed as a team when we collaborate and communicate well and all do our best.  It is not easy to succeed without collaboration and teamwork, in fact, working as one team gives every child the chance to succeed.

We are proud of our school community which is made up of many nationalities from around the world.  It is this diversity that will see your child leave Bright Future a confident, competent, and responsible individual with a strong set of skills both academically and personally to guide not only their future but the future of the world.

My priorities for the academic year 2023 – 2024 will focus on parent partnership, student progress, teaching for effective learning through improved attendance, and staff professional development. KG students will enjoy five periods of Arabic a week and Islamic (1 x periods per week).  We will use the best books/resources for our students’ learning which align with the curriculum objectives. Starting from the new academic year, students will enjoy P.E., Music, and Art in school as part of the National Curriculum of England.  Extra Curriculum Activities can be enjoyed every day in KG 1 from 1:10 to 2:40 pm and in Primary every week after school.

We will build a school community where staff and students feel safe, happy to come to school daily, and can proudly identify with Bright Future in which they work without fear of failure towards the achievements of their individual aspirations.

There will be very clear assessment procedures aligned with the National Curriculum of England.  Formative Assessments will occur throughout the year and help identify gaps to improve learning.  These will be conducted via various approaches within lessons. Summative Assessments are conducted at the end of an instructional period (unit or term) to collect evidence of students’ knowledge, application, and progression. Report cards will be aligned with the ministry requirements and follow their guidelines.

Here is wishing you the very best and hope we have a successful, supportive and enjoyable year 23/24 at Bright Future

Shaun Pender