Bright Future Private School follows a British Curriculum from KG1 (FS2) to Grade 6 (Year 7). Our innovative approach towards delivering world-class education through an enriched curriculum will be confirmed by applying for BSME accreditation in the future.

Schooling at Bright Future is led by highly qualified and experienced Native English teachers with a passion to nurture young minds and ensure a bright future for every student. Our comprehensive schooling plan is aimed at helping children achieve their maximum potential. Our facility comprises separate indoor and outdoor play areas for KG and primary students.

A few reasons to choose Bright Future is to set your child on the right path to quality education and include:-

Using Interactive Smart Boards to integrate various learning styles into one great experience. Children can learn by seeing, hearing, and interacting and therefore ensuring better engagement and learning.

An exciting range of extracurricular activities (that could also include Afghan National languages).

Safe learning and playing environment.

Thermal cameras scan temperatures in real-time.

Two well-resourced clinics – one for KG and one for primary.

Other facilities include a Science lab, a computer lab, an activity room, a dining room, and an onsite cafeteria.